HeadCareer provides career consulting service to help individuals implement the best strategies and take the right steps to land their dream job or successfully prepare for a career transition.

From your resume, LinkedIn profile, to your job search strategy and interview skills, we’ve got you covered!

  • Teach you about the different interview formats and questioning techniques

  • Help you learn how to present your experience as it translates to your next career move

  • Assist you in identifying and speaking about your accomplishments

  • Develop sample questions tailored to the industry, companies, and positions you’re interested in

  • Work with you to prepare personalized questions to ask the employer

  • Help you learn how to explain gaps and/or transitions in your employment

  • Provide you with feedback about your answers, body language, eye contact, tone of voice and presentation skills

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Job Search Strategy

1. Resume Course

2. Reusme Review

3. Cover Letter Course

4. Includes ATS Template

5. Interview Coaching (LIVE)

6. Linkedin Optimization Course

7. Personal Branding

8. Networking Course

9. Thank You Letter Template

10. Mentor Ship

11. Learning Modules

12. Templates on Networking, in person


Whether you’re just getting started with LinkedIn, needing support with a profile update, or looking to learn how to leverage the site’s features, our Career Consultants have your back! We can help you:

  • Create or enhance your profile;

  • Strategically position yourself in your chosen industry

  • Learn LinkedIn best practices

  • Get discovered by recruiters and hiring managers

  • Understand how to build a meaningful network and leverage your connections



Speak to one of our Career Advisors today to learn more about our boutique, professional resume services. Let us help put your resume to work for you!


Interview skills coaching


Job interviews provide employers with a first impression of who you are and if you’re a good fit for the role they’re hiring for. We can: ​​