Career Development

About Training Courses

These courses are designed to help you develop your soft skills, preparing you for the non-technical aspects of your career, such as communication, test preparation, leadership training, networking, and more. Current, our Career Skill Training courses are taught by leading subject matter experts who are actively using tried and tested techniques in their jobs.

In order to get certificates and letter of employment, students must complete several courses in training period. Courses’ result will be provided to your employed company. Career Skill Training Courses normally start on the first weekend of each month. More details please contact course coordinator.


Enhancement of Students’ Career Competence:

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Chapter 1: Self-efficacy

-Section 1: What is self-efficacy

-Section 2: The sources of self-efficacy

-Section 3: How to improve your self-efficay

Chapter 2: Emotion Management

-Section 1: Understand your emotion effectively

-Section 2: Coping with Self Emotion: Regulate emotion and change cognition

-Section 3: Coping with Self Emotion: Face and Solve Problems

-Section 4: Coping with Self Emotion: Proactive coping

Chapter 3: Time Management

-Section 1: The secret of time

-Section 2: First Things First

-Section 3: Time Bandits


Chapter 4: Effective Communication

-Section 1: Essence of Communication

-Section 2: Active Listening

-Section 3: Effective Expression


Chapter 5: Confident Speech

-Section 1: What is speech

-Section 2: The introduction to your speech

-Section 3: The middle part of your speech

-Section 4: The control of your speech

-Section 5: The end of your speech


Chapter 6: Creativity

-Section 1: What’s creation

-Section 2: Why we can’t create

-Section 3: Promoting your creativity: Observation and imagination

-Section 4: Promoting your creativity: Flexibility and empthy


Chapter 7: Resume and Composition

-Section 1: Preparation before writing resume

-Section 2: The basic structure of the resume

-Section 3: How to express your social activity

-Section 4: Additional notes on your resume


Chapter 8: Job Application Etiquette

-Section 1: Impression Management

-Section 2: Dress Appropriately

-Section 3: Meeting Etiquette

-Section 4: Conversation Etiquette