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​1. Position Title: Career Consultant


Position Type: Full Time / Part Time


Job Location:

  • Toronto, Canada

  • Shenzhen, China


Job Description

  • Develop and maintain business relationships with strategic partners including college application consultants and higher education providers;

  • Explore and establish corporate partnerships with university career centers, Marketing Specialist, Canadian Human Resources Department, American companies and others;

  • Cooperate with team members to plan and execute HeadCareer’s public events in North America, China, Asian countries;

  • Conduct coaching sessions via in-person, telephone or e-mail meetings regularly;

  • Provide resources and guidance from resume editing, industry overview, to interview preparation and additional training and development opportunity referrals;

  • Implement strategies and support mentees through the recruiting cycle of job hunting and career development;

  • Help to identify options for promoting goals and develop strategies to solve specific problems, tailored to mentee’s situations;

  • Provide exposure, visibility and coaching in support of the mentee’s development.



  • Language: English;

  • Expert in Business Writing;

  • Need to be a good listener and sharing positive reactions and constructive criticism;

  • Client-friendly, energetic, patient, reliable, detail-oriented, resourceful;

  • Passionate about career development for international students;

  • Strong communication with mentees and other team members, highly responsible and responsive to inquiries;

  • Prior experiences with career services and mentoring/coaching highly preferred;

  • Industry background of investment banking, equity research, sales and trading, asset management, risk management, big 4 accounting, management consulting, operational consulting, IT, Engineering highly preferred;

  • Experiences with recruiting, multi-cultural networks and good relationships with HR, hiring managers and other decision-making stakeholders a plus.

2. Position Title: Marketing Specialist

Position Type: Full Time / Part Time/Intern


Job Location: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angeles, New York, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Montreal


Job Description

  • Communicate with potential students at office and home through online methods (including WeChat, email, telephone, and etc.) and marketing events(holding students career consulting forum at Canadian and American Universities), actively understand and analyze their career development needs;

  • Pre-sale: conduct client needs assessment, answer client questions, and recommend relevant products;

  • In-sale: manage public email account, maintain client database, and arrange career consultations for clients;

  • After-sale: follow up on class sessions, collect client data, conduct client study and maintain relationships with clients;

  • Assist manager in optimizing client experience;

  • Assist other departments in coordinating and hosting offline events;

  • Use hot events and various activities to enhance the activity and influence of online users.



  • Able to work under pressure;

  • Patient to clients and be detail-oriented;

  • Proven excellent oral and written communication skills in both English and Chinese;

  • Have excellent data analysis capabilities, clear thinking logic, sensitive to operational data, and good at extracting user demand characteristics from user data;

  • With online and offline event planning experience and on-site control capabilities, assist the new media team in the later publicity and expand the influence of the event.

  • Experience in sales-related work experience is preferred;

  • Those who have participated in students clubs or student unions during college, or experience in online education and study abroad industry are preferred;

  • Outgoing personality, art of communication, passion for work, and strong self-driving ability.


​3. Position Title: School Ambassadors

Position Type: Full Time / Part Time/ Intern


Job Location:

  • Canada

  • USA



  • Enthusiastically help coordinate HeadCareer’s on-campus workshops and events, including developing customized marketing materials and managing distribution

  • Help introduce HeadCareer’s free consultation and help more international students learn about their future career path

  • Serve as HeadCareer brand ambassador, maintain partnerships with CSSAs, student clubs, campus career services, and local business organizations

  • Gather and organize students’ feedback, questions and suggestions, develop potential interests and needs in an effective and efficient manner, and maintain active communication with HeadCareer management team


Ideal Candidates

  • Client-friendly, energetic, patient, reliable, strong team player

  • Passionate about career development for international students

  • Strong communication skills, ability to interface with students, mentors, and other HeadCareer team members

  • Strong language skills and marketing background

  • Leadership roles in university CSSAs, Investment/Consulting clubs, career services, conferences and events highly preferred

  • Experience in finance, consulting and Big 4 firms is a plus


  • Get monthly internal referral job list and the opportunities of free resume revising

  • Have more chances to communicate with mentors and guest speakers during HeadCareer’s networking event

  • Privileged access to winter externship & summer internship of HeadCareer

  • Practice your leadership skills and lead a school ambassador team within your university

  • Enjoy special discount for different events of HeadCareer

  • Get a certificate of excellent school ambassordor at the end of semester



4. Business Cooperation

Position Type: Full Time / Part Time/ Intern

Job Location:

  • Hong Kong

  • Toronto

  • Shenzhen


  • On behalf of the company, establish long-term contacts with the human resources departments of external cooperative enterprises, expand the number of cooperative companies of the company, and constantly develop new and more high-quality corporate cooperative positions (mainly fortune 500 companies);

  • Actively develop new channels, establish good long-term cooperation, communicate and design promotion plans for different customers to ensure that the cooperation is effectively implemented;

  • Negotiate plans for providing high-quality candidates for cooperative enterprises, write business plans, complete business negotiations and project implementation, and maintain long-term good contacts with cooperative enterprises;

  • Responsible for the communication between the company and the partner institutions, responsible for communicating and explaining the company's relevant sales and marketing policies, and timely understanding of the demand feedback.



  • International study background, experience in headhunting or corporate BD, and related resources are extra points;

  • Excellent communication skills and business negotiation skills;

  • Good logical thinking ability and anti-stress ability, good learning ability, good team collaboration ability;

  • Passionate about education, have their own understanding and cognition of the industry, and pay attention to industry trends and hot spots.

5. Web Development Engineer

Position Type: Full Time / Part Time/ Intern

Location: Shenzhen




  • Responsible for the company's daily business web and software development needs;

  • Responsible for technology selection and infrastructure construction of Software projects.




  • Bachelor degree or above in computer science, software engineering and related majors;

  • More than 3 years of web development experience;

  • Proficient in JavaScript (ES5), CSS, HTML, familiar with ES6, ES7 features;

  • Proficient in using one of the MV * frameworks such as React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js;

  • Familiar with common performance and security issues in the web field;

  • Have good programming style and teamwork awareness;

  • [Preference] Good at a server-side language;

  • [Preference] Have in-depth study of the computer data code;

  • [Preference] Have contributed to the open source community.

6. Course Material Analyst

Position Type: Full Time / Part Time/ Intern

Location: Shenzhen




  • Assist the lecture directors to plan industry courses and develop course content;

  • Participate in the production of professional curriculum teaching plans, research and development of curriculum systems and teaching materials;

  • Track the operation effect of the course, collect user feedback, analyze user behavior statistics, mine customer needs, continuously optimize and improve products, and improve the overall;

  • Analyze and evaluate the company's products and industry competitions, provide effective improvement and promotion planning programs, and assist in the implementation.




  • Master degree or above, major in finance, business and related majors;

  • Have good copywriting and PPT production ability, good data statistics and interpretation ability;

  • Have good self-learning consciousness, communication skills and anti-stress ability;

  • [Preference] Those with experience in content editing, content-based products, and online education industry have backgrounds in finance, FMCG, consulting, accounting, and the Internet industry.

Jobs apply at: jobs@headcareer.org